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Our team:

Audit Department creates a young, dynamic team consisting of chartered accountants and assistants.

A chartered accountant is responsible for the proper planning, carrying out necessary procedures and the opinion of the financial statement audit. In matters of substance you have contact with an chartered accountant, responsible for the audit.

Characteristics of basic services:

Audit of financial statements
The purpose of the audit opinion of the independent auditor about whether the financial statements were prepared in a proper manner and that truly and fairly present the financial position the company at the balance sheet day and financial results for the period covered by the financial statements. During the audit, we assess the accuracy of accounting policies used, its registration practices and data presentation in the financial statements. Draw attention to emerging issues and tax accounting. Some companies are obliged by law to an annual audit of its financial statements by the auditor.

Review of financial statements
The purpose of the review of financial statements is to issue an audit report on whether the financial statement includes material errors, which would indicate that the financial statements may not give a true and fair financial position of the company at the balance sheet day nor profit of the company for the period covered by the financial statements. Review usually takes less time than an audit, as mostly address the key areas of business activity, affecting the data in the financial statements. Reviews also applies to interim reports, including semi-public companies.

Financial and tax due diligence
The aim of the review of “due diligence” in the financial statements is an insightful analysis and assessment of the company’s financial condition, taking into account related to the functioning of the opportunities and risks. Typically, financial and tax due diligence are elements of a broader business intelligence (strategic) carried out for the needs of investors or creditors, but it may well be a self-study.

Financial advice
We provide comprehensive financial advisory services on accounting and taxes. Conduct constant supervision over the correctness of the accounting treatment of economic events in the books or are ready for individual, specific queries. We develop the Accounting Act required documentation, including such accounting policies, hedge accounting documentation, diagrams of selected records of economic events. Prepare tax opinions on specific queries.

Transformation, mergers and divisions of enterprises
Advise on accounting and tax treatment of the changes in the legal form of companies, including carrying a need for a change in accounting policy (eg, from Polish accounting principles to international accounting standards). We are preparing a conversion plan for the opinions of the registry court.

Training “In – company”
Our auditors will lead the training in your company closed on accounting and taxes. We will develop and clearly deliver all your questions. Training takes place in the form of workshops, in which theoretical assumptions are discussed in practical examples.

We specialize in the following topics:

Accounting and tax year-end closing issues: financial statements and the annual income tax returns

Consolidation of financial statements

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