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Our team:
We employ staff of experienced accountants. In conducting business books for entrepreneurs are using the latest financial and accounting software, which enables the direct supervision of the Customer and on-line access to accounts and analysis. It is possible to keep records in English or German.
In the context of a comprehensive financial and accounting services we offer:

  • establishment of the Company’s Chart of Accounts, create and update accounting policies tailored to the business conducted by the Customer,
  • analysis of the source accounting documents in accordance with the requirements of the Accounting Act and tax regulations, and their respective booking both synthetic and analytical
  • establishment and maintenance of adequate accounting records, including the VAT,
  • establishment and maintenance of appropriate records for fixed assets and intangible assets owned by the Customer,
  • HR and payroll services,
  • preparing the necessary reports to the relevant tax laws of VAT, social insurance, the CSO statistics, Intrastat, the Polish National Bank, etc.
  • preparation and drafting of a complete year-end financial statements in accordance with the requirements of the Owner,
  • Periodic reporting of selected data accounting for Owners or the Board for the purposes of business analysis,
  • tax advisory services,
  • legal counsel – initiation of activity, the establishment of Companies, preparation of contracts for works, etc.
  •           implementation of changes in accounting policies, including the implementation of International Accounting Standards.

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