Comprehensive outsourcing

By taking advantage of our comprehensive services, you can reallocate your time, knowledge and your company’s resources to an area where you are irreplaceable. Apart from providing you with full on-line access to accounting and financial data, we help your company comply with complex and ever-changing legal provisions.


Accountancy office

An external accountancy office guarantees access to the services of an experienced and highly-qualified team, which leads to time savings and cost optimisation. The team is made up of experts in the field of finance, accounting and taxes. We keep track of any changes in regulations affecting our customers’ interests in terms of accounting and taxes. As a result, our clients can devote their energy to conducting their own business activity and increasing their competitiveness.


Human Resources and Payroll

Human resources and payroll outsourcing reduces the risk to the company’s operations, secures a proper and timely payroll calculation, ensures cost reduction and increases the effectiveness of the processes under implementation. Our team guarantees convenience and security, as well as ongoing access to data through an e-employee platform.


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