By taking advantage of our comprehensive services, you can reallocate your time, knowledge and your company’s resources to an area where you are irreplaceable. Apart from providing you with full on-line access to accounting and financial data, we help your company comply with complex and ever-changing legal provisions.

Comprehensive Outsourcing
  • we provide comprehensive accounting services
  • we carry out all-inclusive human resources and payroll services
  • we draw up proposals for regulations and orders
  • we enter payments to the e-banking system
  • we fulfil reporting obligations imposed by GUS (Statistics Poland) and NBP (National Bank of Poland)
  • we design, implement and supervise the document circulation system
  • we run an external office
  • we advise and assist in developing and organising the processes we are involved in
  • we prepare statements and reports for all stakeholders: owners, the Supervisory Board, the Management Board, and managers
  • we guarantee the security of the data and information entrusted to us
  • we promote the positive image of our clients

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